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1. Terms

Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by TikFuel.com.

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2. Website Use And Copyright

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3. Liabilities

TikFuel is not liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using our website. Any material or image deletion or account suspension on social media sites is not the responsibility of TikFuel.com.

4. PayPal And Credit Card Processors

We use secure payment options on TikFuel. Payments are performed through PayPal’s secure and verified system, and no sensitive financial information is entered on our site. The method of accepting order payments that use SSL encryption.

When you purchase something from our website, you promise that you understand what you’re getting and that you will not submit a fraudulent dispute with any credit card or PayPal company. We have the right to reset all of your likes, followers, and other services if you make a fraudulent attempt to register a dispute. We also have the authority to delete your social network account or block your IP address permanently.

5. Disclaimer

TikFuel is not liable for any losses your company or you may incur. For the products and services, we make no promises of any kind, implied or expressed. We cannot guarantee the availability or uptime of our website because TikFuel provides services through the internet.

6. Errata And Revisions

The website’s information and photos may contain typographical, technical, or photographic mistakes. We make no guarantee that the information is correct, up to date, or full. TikFuel reserves the right to make changes to the site’s content at any time and without notice. We do not guarantee that the content will be updated.

7. Links

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8. Registration

You confirm that you are at least 13 years old by ordering or purchasing any product or service from our website.

9. Change Of Terms

We retain the right to amend our website’s terms of service at any moment. Any changes will be evaluated and will take effect on the date they are posted on the site. There is no further notice by TikFuel required upon the continued usage of our software or site.

10. Governing Law

Use of this website and any dispute arising out of its use are subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any legal action or proceedings related to or arising out of this terms and conditions shall be settled in the courts and/or tribunals in the United Arab Emirates.